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Year 2013 is ending and so are the resolutions that were born with it. 2013 changed life, a paved way for new relationships, jobs and sad news for some but with the new year coming, new resolutions, particularly about healthy eating and more exercises will definitely be a part of many people’s life.

Food occupies a central place in our life, what we eat and how we eat; It reflects on our lifestyle, energy levels and how we look. Ordering food online is a new way for people to stay at home and enjoy the company of their loved ones without missing on their favorite food. Choosing one site among so many websites offering food is difficult but at quality bazaar we got a wonderful response from our customers not because we have a quick delivery service but mainly because our quality surpasses all other websites offering same products.

We have a high retention rate of customers, and based on the order placed with us; we are listing the most ordered products on our site. Based on what people ate last year, we are creating a list of their favorite foods and products with us.

What India Orders Online

The best-selling product this year was Almonds with a whopping 11% order rate, following the lead was salted cashews and mix dry fruits, which were ordered 5% of the total order placed this year. Other favorites among clients were choco almonds, salted pista, chocolate cashews and saffron. With diverting concentration of people towards whole food and quality products instead of sweets. We saw a wonderful response for Mix dry fruit chocolate box, mix dry fruit gift box and Indian kishmis that were ordered between 0 – 4 % of the total orders placed with us.

Walnuts, seedless dates, dried figs, masala cashews, Jumbo cashews, chat masala cashews were another favorite among customers who ordered. Hazelnuts, black pepper cashews, fig attraction also got a good response but the least favorites among customers were chocolate pizza, black raisins, mamra, special mamra, blueberries, and Afghan kismis that were ordered. Out of the total, orders placed online in Quality Bazaar.

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