Uses of Anjeer Dry Fruit

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Anjeer, also known as fig is an inverted flower where the seed is actually the fruit. It is native to western Asia and the Middle East. This dry fruit due to its various properties has been mentioned both in the Quran and the Bible. Anjeer is one of the richest sources of fibre, vitamin k and calcium. They are known to have a laxative effect apart from being rich in antioxidants. Given below are some of the health benefits of this dry fruit.

Due to the amount of fibre present in figs they can treat several different problems like constipation (fibre helps in digestion), colon cancer (fibre binds with the cancer causing substances while digestion and flushes them out) and many more. Anjeer contains a fibre name pectin which helps in reducing the amount of cholesterol while digestion.

The fibre content of this dry fruit can also prove to be helpful in preventing post-menopausal breast cancer. Regular consumption of this dry fruit by older people can help with the problem of muscular degeneration.

Figs are also good for diabetics; the leaves of this dry fruit have properties, which can help in controlling the blood sugar levels for diabetes. Large amounts of potassium help to increase the effect. Low sodium content and higher concentration of potassium also help in preventing hypertension. In addition, people who have a tendency to eat food with a high amount of salt can suffer from urinary calcium loss, which can be prevented by Anjeer. It tends to have a soothing effect on the stomach.

They are also a rich source of calcium hence help in strengthening of bones. Anjeer also has omega – 6 and omega – 3 fatty acids along with phenol and can help in reducing the chance of a coronary heart disease.

Anjeer is also known to treat sexual weaknesses, consuming 2-3 figs soaked in milk in the morning can solve such problems. Furthermore, the large quantities in a mucilage present in this dry fruit can help you in treating sore throat. This fruit can also help you in weight reduction and that too in a healthy way, but consuming it in large amounts can have a completely opposite effect.

Another problem associated with consuming the large amount of figs is diarrhea. So make sure that you consume this dry fruit in moderation to get all of its health benefits.

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