Kashmiri Pulao – Dry Fruit Delight

Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri pulao is a sweet, mild and aromatic delicacy from the beautiful state of Kashmir. This is extremely easy to make and is a bit on the sweeter side since it is garnished with both fresh and dry fruits.

A wide variety of fresh fruits like apple, pomegranate and pineapple can be used for garnishing the pulao. However, before you add any fruit to the … Continue reading

Zafrani Pulao – Dry Fruit Delight

Zafrani Pulao

The famed Zafrani Pulao is a North Indian delicacy that is enjoyed throughout the country and also elsewhere. The Zafrani Pulao is a festive delight that basically belongs to the Nawabi culture of ancient India. It was considered as a delicacy then, and it is still a great dish to savor.

Generally, it is prepared on the occasion of marriages and regional festivities. Forget … Continue reading

Kesari Malpua

kesari malpua

This Republic day let’s celebrate with Kesari Sweet, White Milk and Green Sprouts, a healthy way to celebrate.

Kesari Malpua and How to Make It

Malapua is a type a pancake made and served as a form of dessert or snack. The dish is also served to the Lord Jagannath on his daily Sakala Dhupa, or the Morning offering served to the … Continue reading

Kesar – How Kesar Plays an Important Role in Festivals


Kesar or Saffron has always been considered to have antibacterial properties. It has been used since the time immemorial and is used as of today. Saffron is not only used in topical treatments but also in variety of dishes to impart color, flavor and health. As per the Greek mythology, mortal crocus fell in love with beautiful nymph Smilax. However, sadly, his kindness was a rejection by Smilax, which turned him into a handsome purple crocus flower. The history of saffron usage and cultivation can be traced from over 3000 years and through the spans … Continue reading