Badam Pakoda – Almond Snacks

almond pakoda

Almonds are known for their numerous health benefits, including cough, respiratory disorders, anaemia, constipation and diabetes. Apart from them, it can also help with hair, dental and skin (psoriasis) care. Almonds are available in two varieties both bitter and sweet. Normally, the sweeter almonds are considered edible whereas the bitter ones are used for making almond oil that is … Continue reading

Sports and Dry Fruits


It is very essential to eat healthy to stay fit. For this, it is a must to eat a handful of dry fruits every day to add to the nutritional value of intake every day and also get required energy. Since dry fruits are rich sources of vitamins, proteins, minerals as well as fats, they keep one healthy and strong. Not only, health benefits, dry fruits also help in making one’s skin glow and become healthy. According to health experts, one should have a combination of certain … Continue reading

Party Decorations

Party Decorations

When it comes to organizing a party, birthday bash or any other occasion, it is a must to decorate the party venue with unique items to create an amazing atmosphere. One must not leave any space rather decorate the venue fully to celebrate the occasion enthusiastically. So if you have decided to throw a party but are confused by the things to use … Continue reading

Rugby Balls in India

rugby balls

After cricket, is rugby gaining popularity in India?

It’s doubtless that rugby is gaining popularity in India. To promote the sport, people have even come forward to create its own version of Indian Premier League (IPL). Nowadays, students in school, colleges to those in jobs are playing rugby in cricket-crazy India. If you also want to play this game, you must know some tricks and techniques … Continue reading

What India Orders

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Year 2013 is ending and so are the resolutions that were born with it. 2013 changed life, a paved way for new relationships, jobs and sad news for some but with the new year coming, new resolutions, particularly about healthy eating and more exercises will definitely be a part of many people’s life.

Food occupies a central place in our life, what we eat and … Continue reading

QB Service Guarantee

QB Gaurantee

Incredible Service Guarantee by Quality Bazaar.

Online shopping has made life easy but there are certain flaws that online shopping has against real shopping. First of all, you can’t judge the product by its photographs and features. You can’t feel it for real and can’t touch it. Well, it is not much of a problem because one can easily check the stuff out in a nearby showroom to see for its quality, but the main problem is generally with the size and quality of the product. In case a person doesn’t like the quality … Continue reading

Choose your Diwali gifts at Quality Bazaar!

Festival of Diwali is a wonderful festival that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in our country. With passage of time, people have become more concerned about gifts and items they will exchange with their relatives. Today it’s no longer necessary to choose sweets and other ordinary items as gifts. Quality bazaar has introduced an extraordinary range of gifts and dry fruit assorted chocolates for your friends. The items are attractive can be given as a gift to people of all ages.

Diwali Gift

With so many options available in the market, … Continue reading

Diwali Celebration in QB Style

Diwali is around the corner, and market seems to be flooded with gifts, sweets and variety of display items that one can buy for himself or to gift to friends, relatives and colleagues. This festival of light brings happiness and an occasion to meet your extended family, relatives and friends. Sweets available in the market are made in bulk and most of the time the material and ingredients used to make these products is inferior so that shopkeepers can earn more profit by selling them.

Diwali Continue reading