Nariyal Pak with Kaju

Nariyal Pak with Kaju

Barfi or Pak is a sweet confectionary made primarily in the Indian subcontinent. There are several varieties of barfi which include Besan barfi (made using gram flour), Pista barfi (made using ground pistachios), kaaju barfi (made using cashews) and Nariyal barfi or nariyal pak (made using Coconut). The most popular barfi among the ones mentioned above is the nariyal pak with nuts (pistachios and cashew) along with flavours like rose water … Continue reading

Kaju Chikki

kaju chikki

Made using ground nuts and jaggery, chikki is a traditional Indian sweet. The markets are flooded with varieties of chikkis including the most famous kaju chikki. Other popular types of chikkis available in markets are til chikki, coconut chikki and flax seeds chikki. They are mainly prepared during festivals like Lohri and Diwali. People distribute dry fruit chikkisamong their friends and family members.

Just as the name suggests, Kaju Chikki is made of cashew … Continue reading

Uses of Cashew Dry Fruit

Cashew nuts are delicately sweet yet crunchy. This delicious dry fruit is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energy. This dry fruit was native to the Brazilian Amazon rain forest and was spread worldwide by the Portuguese explorers who called it “caju”. Nowadays, it is commercially cultivated in Vietnam, Brazil and India apart from several African countries.

Cashew nuts are usually an inch long and ½ an inch in diameter. They are bean shaped with a smooth curvy tip. These nuts when plucked from the tree have an exterior shell which has a potent skin toxin. This shell is roasted … Continue reading

Cashew – A Healthy Snack

Cashew for Sale

Cashews are a very good source of energy. Cashew nuts are widely used as a snack, which is sweet or salted.

Cashew nuts are the nut beneath the cashew fruit, which is also known as Cashew Apple. Cashew Apple is soft and delicate; they are very perishable. Even if they are frozen or kept at a very cool temperature, they will only last for about five days once they get plucked from the tree.

Health Benefits of Cashews:

1. Oxygen to the Brain: Cashew increases the production of endorphins … Continue reading