Diwali and Lanterns

Diwali Lanterns

Lanterns and Aakash Kandils form an essential part of Diwali celebrations across Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, Diwali is celebrated in a way that is much different from the way it is done in Northern India.  Aakash kandil is a type of lantern that can be bought readymade or can be made at home. Most of the people love making them at home. People hang lanterns and kandils … Continue reading

Diwali – Crackers and Diya/Candles


Diwali is a wonderful festival that represents lights, colors, happiness and prosperity. This day has been celebrated since centuries as the day when King Ram came back to ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. People celebrated his return with candles, diyas and crackers. Sweets were distributed throughout ayodhya and since then people have been practicing the same ritual. Crackers, diyas and candles form an essential part of Diwali, … Continue reading

Importance of Diyas on Diwali

Diwali Diya


Diwali is known as the festival of lights. The diyas lit around the country on this festival signifies spreading love where there is hatred, bringing joy and attaining knowledge when there is ignorance. In the Hindu tradition darkness signifies evil while light signifies the goodness.



During this festival, almost every home is lit up with candles, oil lamps and candles. Traditionally, people used earthen lamps complete with some oil and a wick. With the passage of time, earthen lamps were replaced by candles both fragrant and non-scented. Furthermore, electric … Continue reading