Sachin Tendulkar – A True Foodie

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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s love for food is no secret. He has time and again announced on national TV how much he loves eating and swears by non-vegetarian food. He loves all kinds of cuisines like Malaysian, Thai, Lebanese, Pakistani, Caribbean; you name it. His culinary journey started along with his cricket career.

Being a cricketer, he has to visit new countries and thus igniting his adventurous passion for love of food. In fact, his love of food has taken him to various parts around the world. Until 13 years, his love for Maharashtian food was at its peak but soon as he began travelling. He explored new cuisines, and his palate became insatiable.

It was in England where he first heard that there an even cold chicken was a thing to be eaten as he always had a hot one. He also discovered use of dry fruits in several cuisines to make paste, curries and foods in which he could never imagine using them.

With travelling and exposure, he became open to exploring more options and there were times when his experiences were not good taste wise, but slowly he learnt to appreciate food and is now known as a major foodie. He does like to indulge in various cuisines but keenly watches over his diet because it is essential to maintain weight and stamina in his profession.

He not only enjoys eating delicious and succulent food but cooks them as well. When he is at home with his family, he likes to cook for his wife and children. He experiments with food. He used to cook regularly earlier, but now he cooks on special occasions and uses ingredients along with dry fruits to make his dishes lip smacking.

Dry Fruits

He cooks to relieve tension and achieve satisfaction. He cooks from his heart and makes use of different kinds of dry fruits like cashews, almonds and raisins in curries whenever he is cooking Indian curries. Moreover, while making salads, he likes to add toasted walnuts and almonds for healthy fats. He appreciates tasty food and likes to cook in a healthy way so that his family can enjoy good taste and health simultaneously.

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