Rugby Balls in India

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rugby balls

After cricket, is rugby gaining popularity in India?

It’s doubtless that rugby is gaining popularity in India. To promote the sport, people have even come forward to create its own version of Indian Premier League (IPL). Nowadays, students in school, colleges to those in jobs are playing rugby in cricket-crazy India. If you also want to play this game, you must know some tricks and techniques to play it and win it as well. First, you must have an accurate size and shape of the rugby ball. The ball must be made of leather or any other suitable synthetic material.

With so many manufacturers around the country, one can find several types of rugby balls in India and so the trick lies in choosing the best and appropriate ball.

About Rugby Ball

Basically, there are two types of rugby balls. One is rugby match balls, and the other is practice balls. The quality and material used in making the balls determine the ball type. There are even various sizes of rugby balls available in market, and one can buy according to age and experience of playing the game. The balls have custom design and are colored. Always choose the best-quality ball so that you don’t ends up hurting yourself because of it.

About Rugby Game

Rugby games can help one develop self-esteem and would also let you quench your thirst of playing one of the most exciting games. There are a couple of goal posts for both the teams, and one will get the points or scores if you manage to land the ball in the post of the opponent.

The game begins with a kickoff from the centre of the court. After this, the players from each team try their best to get hold of the ball and the one who gets it, lift the ball in hand and attempts at reaching the opponent’s goal post just in time. One of the rules is that no team member must run in front of the player who has the ball. However, the opponent team members can chase him and follow to fetch the ball. If a player manages to throw the ball in goal post, he bags the score.

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