Popular Dates (Khajoor) Recipes

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Dates have nutritional value and sweet flavors that make it the very popular ingredients for snacks and desserts.

There are some popular chutneys, savories and desserts that are made out of dates.

Chutneys: Chutneys are best suited with snacks and meals. They are made with spices and adds a flavor to the food. The chutneys adds on to bhel and other snack item. Some of the popular date chutneys are:

Khajoor (Dates) aur Imli (Tamarind) Ki Chutney

This chutney is best suited with snacks and meals. The chutney mainly includes dates, tamarind, jaggery, soonth, chilli powder and salt.

Khajoor (Dates) aur Tamatar (Tomato) Ki Chutney

Tangy taste of tomatoes with sweetness of dates is a delicacy. This chutney tastes well with snacks and meals.

Khajoor (Dates) aur Angoor (Grapes) Ki Chutney

Sweet and Tangy. Grapes are generally sweet and tangy, when they are added up with dates, they become more sweet and tangy. It’s a treat to have this chutney with some spicy snacks.

Khajoor (Dates) aur Amchur (Dry Mango) Ki Chutney

This one is the dry chutney powder of khajoor and amchur. This is in dish preparations and also serve as a chutney with meals.

Some good dessert option for Dates will be:

Date and Apple Kheer

This kheer is made of milk, apple and dates with sugar for taste or as required. It is in a semi-liquid form. It’s a unique combination of taste and health indeed.

Date Halwa

An awesome dessert of dates, milk and sugar. This halwa can be served hot in a bowl and cold in pieces in your desired shapes.

Royal Pulav with dates and dry fruits

Now that’s a meal. A royal basmati rice with chosen dry fruits, which have the taste and aroma.

Carrots and Date Salad

Different taste but a healthy treat. These are ideal snack for those who want a quick and healthy snack to eat.

Dates and Roasted Gram Laddu

This laddu is made of dates, and roast Bengal gram pulses with coconut garnishing. This laddu generally gets over within days, but it can also be preserved in an air-tight box, so that it can be consumed later.

There are many more recipes of dates and other dry fruits as combinations.

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