Navratri Festival and Importance of Dry Fruits

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Maa Durga

Navratri is a joyous festival devoted to Durga worship. The word Navratri means nine nights and as the names suggest this festival is celebrated for nine days. Most of the people fast during the festival and worship nine different forms of Shakti/devi. The tenth day of the festival is known as Dusherra or Vijyadashmi. It is a major festival that is celebrated with great devotion and reverence in western states of Gujarat, Karnantka, and Maharashtra. People celebrate and enjoy with a traditional dance of Gujarat known as Garba. It is performed by people living in different states. The festival is also widely celebrated in other states of North India like Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal as well as northern states of Punjab.

The commencing spring and of autumn are believed to be imperative junctions of solar and climatic influences. These two seasons are seen as holy opportunities for the reverence of the Divine Durga. The Lunar calendar is used to determine the dates of the festival.

This festival is famous in many ways throughout the country. In Northern India, the three Navaratrisare celebrated with much enthusiasm by fasting for all nine days and venerating the Goddess in her various forms.  Most of the people will live on fruits or will eat only once throughout the day.

Fasting is important for people celebrating this festival because by this means they are able to show their devotion and dedication to Goddess Durga. Fasting during the festival doesn’t means that one has to starve. It is essential to maintain sufficient energy during the day and perform various rituals of the festivals. Prolonged fasting cannot only bring your blood sugar levels down but can also result in weakness. Fatigue, headaches, lethargy, and body aches are some other symptoms that one can experience during prolonged fasting.

Some people fast for a couple of days but majority fast throughout the festival period. In order to stay active and be able to worship the goddess energetically, one can eat dry fruits. Dry fruits are little packets of energy and are full of antioxidants. They not only make a perfect snack during the festival but also keep you satiated and full for longer periods. The healthy fats and decent amount of protein packed in dry fruits only do your body good.

Thus if you are thinking of fasting for the coming Navratri, you should definitely keep your Pantry full with dry fruits so that you can fast without feeling fatigued and weak.

Try some of these dry fruit milkshakes to start with.


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