Lohri and Dry Fruits

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Lohri is one of the most important festivals for people in India, especially in northern India and in states like Punjab, Haryana as well as parts of Himachal Pradesh. Falling in winter, season, Lohri is celebrated late in the evening when people gather and offer sweets and other things. They also lit bonfires, in the streets and offer sweets, puffed rice, rewri, popcorn, as well as dry fruits to it. Making a circle around it, people celebrate Lohri by taking rounds around the fame, singing traditional songs and dancing to the tunes.

The festival is celebrated for mark the harvesting of Rabi’s crop. On this day, people also exchange gifts with their friends and family members to mark the auspicious festival. Besides offering sweets, chocolates’, distributing dry fruits among acquaintances is a tradition of the festival. It is a great idea to buy dry fruit gift packages and hampers and distributes them to friends and family members.

As Lohri comes during winters, giving dry fruit packs to relatives would make them happier. Dry fruits are not only healthy for a person but also essential for everyone to have. Almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts and other dry fruits contain essential nutrients, which make a person strong as well as healthy. Offering not only health benefits, nuts also help one get glowing skin. They are rich sources of vitamins, proteins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential fats. They also assist in blood circulation. Even health experts and doctors advise people to consume a combination of dry fruits every day to prevent diseases and remain healthy. One of the best parts of having nuts is that they are not fattening and don’t even has high level of cholesterol. So you can eat dry fruits without fear of getting fat!

So as Lohri festival is fast approaching, you must decide about the gift that you are going to give to your relatives. Giving up traditional sweet boxes, rewris and other items, this year, think different and opt for healthy gifts like dry fruits. Let them remain fit and fit throughout their lives.

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