Harvest Festival – In different Names

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harvest festival

The different Names of Harvest Festival in India

India is one of the largest countries around the world with rich cultural diversity and many languages spoken, but since India is primarily based on agriculture, there are several harvest festivals celebrated throughout the country, and many are even celebrated on the same day with different names for each region. The common thing with all the harvest festivals is that there is a great feast associated with prayers and offerings to gods for more plentiful harvests for the coming days. The main names of the harvests festivals are Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri , etc. Pongal is the name given to the Thanksgiving like a festival of South India with others in other states.

The different harvest festivals of India

Pongal is the harvest festival that is celebrated in Tamilnadu for four days. The new and freshly reaped rice is cooked with milk and Jaggery and offered to the Sun God for its blessing of the good harvest of the season. The people offer the Sun God Sweet Pongal, Sugar Cane and Ven Pongal. Makar Sankranti is a similar harvest festival, mostly celebrated in north Indian states. The people rejoice the harvest festival as Makar Sankranti even called Uttarayan in the state of Gujarat; the main attraction being kite flying. Contests and competitions are held on kite flying, and every family participates in the celebration.

The harvest festival celebrated throughout the state of Punjab is called Lohri and takes place on the coldest day during the year.  They rejoice the event with their traditional Bhangra dance around a bonfire. People offer rice, sugarcane; sesame seeds to the Gods and folk songs are sung as their blessing for the good harvest.

Bihu or Bohaggiyo Bhishu is the harvest festival that is celebrated in Assam and is the biggest of the three Bihus celebrated. The celebration takes place for the cultivation of paddy, the principal crop of Assam.

Hadaga Festival is the harvest festival celebrated for the oncoming of monsoon, which signifies good harvest. It is the principle harvest festival of Maharashtra, where they pray to lord Indra and sings songs in praise of Lord Indra thanking him for rain and the harvest.

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