Dry Fruits and Asthma

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Asthma is a respiratory disease, which is characterized by constricted airways that result in breathing difficulties. It is normally triggered by an allergic response because of an allergen that causes the lungs and the airways to be clogged and inflamed with excess mucus.

Dried figs are known to have a positive effect on respiration. Figs are a highly nutritious food and contain almost no fat. They are abundant in natural sugar, which makes them taste delicious. When compared to fresh figs, dried figs have a greater amount of proteins, fibres and minerals. Moreover, they have 360% more calcium, 350% more phosphorus and 500% more iron. This makes dried fig a better source for nutrition. However, they lack moisture content, which can be increased easily.

Jumbo Figs

Dried figs and Asthma

Dried figs can be used to treat asthma since they do not result in an allergic response. The low content of carbohydrate and fats help in promoting respiratory health apart from alleviating breathing difficulties.  Dried figs are rich in vitamin B complex apart from vitamin C and vitamin A. the vitamin C present in dried figs helps in cutting through the mucus builds-up while vitamin A provides moisture to the inner membranes of the mucous.  Dried figs are low in moisture content, but it can be easily increased by soaking them overnight in water.

A Treatment for Asthma

To get a maximum benefit, wash and soak three dried figs overnight inside a clean container and cover it with a lid. The water will help in softening the figs which will break it down gradually.  This will release some of the minerals and vitamins apart from other nutrients into the water. In the morning, you can eat the soaked figs and drink the water in which they were soaked. Make sure that you do it on an empty stomach. These soaked figs would be easier to digest, and will add all the nutrients to the blood stream quickly which will increase the immunity, support the respiratory system and help in preventing asthma attacks.

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