Diwali – The Indian Festival

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India Diwali Night

Diwali is among the most widely celebrated festival in our country. Diwali as a festival projects the glorious and rich past of our country. Every year, the night of Diwali reverberates with sound of firecrackers being used by Indians to celebrate their favorite festival. Houses are decorated; sweets distributed, and thousands of earthen lamps are lit for the celebration. Of the numerous festivals celebrated across our country. Diwali is the most important and glamorous one. It is enthusiastically enjoyed by people of almost every religion, thus creating an atmosphere of creativity and joy. All across our country Diwali is celebrated as a five-day festival.  Different regions of our country celebrate the festival in a different manner.

North India

In Northern part of India, the first day of Diwali is celebrated as dhanteras, the second day being choti Diwali, third day is the day of lakshmi pujan; fourth day is the govardhan pooja, and the fifth day is the bhai dooj. However in north the festivities begin after the day of dussera which actually is 21 days before the laxmi pooja.

East India

In Eastern part of India, the first day is celebrated as dhanteras, second day as kali pooja, third day as laxmi pujan and the fourth day as bhai phota. In the eastern region, this festival is not about material goods but about the feeling of happiness.

East India

In Western part of India, first day of Diwali is celebrated as dhanatrayodashi, second day as narak chaturdashi, third day as laxmi pooja, fourth day as Diwali chapadva and the fifth day as bhaubeej. Diwali celebrations in this region are considerably different than the rest of the country and begin well before.

South India

In Southern part of India, the first day is celebrated as Asweyuja Bahula Thrayodasi, the second day as narkachaturdashi, third day as kaumudi mahotsavam, fourth day as bali padyam and the fifth day as yamadwitheya.

The way of celebrating Diwali might be different but all across our country. However, this festival signifies the age-old Indian tradition, which teaches us to overcome ignorance, which subdues humanity and drives away the darkness which has engulfed the light of knowledge.

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