Diwali – How homemade chocolates replaced traditional sweets?

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Diwali, the festival of light is among the most popular festivals celebrated in our country. For many Diwali means the time to exchange gifts, especially sweets among close relatives and friends. However, there are several problems associated with the traditional sweets bought from the market, like adulteration, lesser shelf life and unhygienic conditions in the kitchens where they are made. Moreover, these sweets if consumed in larger quantities are not good for health and can result in several ailments, whereas the chocolates have no such effects on your health.

However, in the recent times the trends have changed and people prefer to gift chocolates rather than traditional sweets. These chocolates when compared to traditional sweets have a longer shelf life. Another advantage which chocolates have over sweets is that it can be made at home easily; it ensures for no adulteration, and they were made in completely hygienic conditions. In the past few years there have been increasing incidences of adulterations in traditional sweets, which have been covered actively on most news channels. Homemade chocolates are very easy and quick to make, also the ingredients can be altered as per your convenience and to suit the occasion making them extremely pocket friendly in comparison to the traditional sweets.

As far as gifting is concerned you can easily buy decorative boxes or plates from the market, add the chocolates to them and get a great present at about half the market price. If you find making chocolates difficult, then you can even buy them from the market, thanks to the organized retail sector. The chocolate manufacturers running smaller manufacturing facilities have greatly benefited with the increasing demand during the festive season. Another factor which could be helping the sales of chocolates is that the raw materials being used in their production are rather cheap when compared to those used in making unadulterated traditional sweets. Moreover, these chocolates are available in some very beautiful and decorative boxes and trays, which look considerably better than a box of traditional sweets.

We at Quality Bazaar have created Diwali Gift Packages for you that you can send across to your friends and loved ones.

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