Diwali – Crackers and Diya/Candles

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Diwali is a wonderful festival that represents lights, colors, happiness and prosperity. This day has been celebrated since centuries as the day when King Ram came back to ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. People celebrated his return with candles, diyas and crackers. Sweets were distributed throughout ayodhya and since then people have been practicing the same ritual. Crackers, diyas and candles form an essential part of Diwali, without lights and colorful diyas Diwali would not be complete.

Diyas and candles are lightened in every house because it removes darkness and bad omens and brings light and prosperity into the house. People light diya using desi ghee, which is an expensive form of oil but is used widely in the country during Diwali. Crackers are used to celebrate the festival and express happiness.

Crackers are available in a wide variety around the country. Children, adult and old people love to burn crackers alike. As soon as the evening of Diwali approaches, people start burning colorful crackers, rockets and other fireworks. With so many chemicals and explosives used in fireworks, it is essential to pay importance towards safety related to crackers as well as candles. Parents should pay attention when their children are burning crackers. Moreover, one must only buy branded crackers so that they do not explode, in an unexpected way.  Parents must teach small children how to use crackers and only buy those crackers who pose less risk for injury, burn or accidents. Candles and diyas are lightened in every house, so one must be careful while keeping their crackers. Make sure they are not left unattended near the candles which can lead to bursting of crackers on their own and cause injury to people standing nearby.

Diwali is synonymous with light and color, and that is why it is known as the festival of light. People exchange sweets and other gift items with their friends and family on this day to celebrate this festival. Moreover, Diwali puja is performed in every household, wherein Goddess Laxmi, and Ganesha are revered. People ask for blessings and prosperity from the goddess on this auspicious day. Most people worship using silver metal utensils and then distribute prasad after the Puja is over among the family members. After the puja, people eat dinner and enjoy family time to enjoy this festival of light. Diwali also marks the onset of winters; the weather begins to change near Diwali. Days start to become short, and a slight chill can be felt during the night. This festival is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India and since this festival happens in winter, it is also the first festival of the season and thus gives us another reason to celebrate it with extra enthusiasm and zeal.

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