Benefits of Dry Fruits on Skin

When fresh fruits go through the process of drying, their water content is lowered considerably while the flavours get intensified, along with the concentration of the minerals and the vitamins.

Dry fruits are your skin’s best friend, mentioned below are certain nutrients present in dry fruits, which benefit your overall health along with your skin.

Vitamins – Dried peaches, prunes and plums have vitamin A in the beta-carotene form; it helps in preventing flakiness and dryness of the skin by repairing the broken tissues. It makes your skin smooth … Continue reading

Popular Dry Fruit Shakes

Dry fruits shakes can be consumed all year round. In summer you can make healthy iced shakes from dry fruits whereas in winters you can enjoy delicious hot beverages from dry fruits. Dry fruits can either be soaked in water, milk or juice to allow osmosis. Soaking dry fruits overnight will give a creamy texture to your shakes whereas dry fruits added without soaking give more of a chunky texture to your shakes.

Various popular dry fruit shakes are dry fruit mango shake, cashew banana shake, cheeku almond shake, kiwi dry fruit shake, honey and dry fruit shake, cardamom almond milk shake, banana dry fruit … Continue reading

Dry Fruits and Nuts for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a blessing for females, and it is that time of their lives when they have to be extra careful about what they put into their mouth. Eating nutritious food will ensure proper nutrition to the growing fetus. Whole foods, fruits, dry fruits, juices and protein-rich sources are often recommended by doctors to women during their pregnancy.

During pregnancy, women gain weight, which lays an extra pressure on their joints and thus maintaining lubrication becomes even more essential. Most of us think of dry fruits as a source of protein, but in reality, they are an excellent source of … Continue reading