Cashew – A Healthy Snack

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Cashew for Sale

Cashews are a very good source of energy. Cashew nuts are widely used as a snack, which is sweet or salted.

Cashew nuts are the nut beneath the cashew fruit, which is also known as Cashew Apple. Cashew Apple is soft and delicate; they are very perishable. Even if they are frozen or kept at a very cool temperature, they will only last for about five days once they get plucked from the tree.

Health Benefits of Cashews:

1. Oxygen to the Brain: Cashew increases the production of endorphins to improve oxygen levels throughout the brain.

2. Avoid Gallstones: Consumption of cashews regularly helps in preventing gallstones in the human body.

3. Sleeping Pattern: Woman who is going through a menopause, can get benefited from consuming cashews regularly, as it will help to regulate their sleeping pattern.

4. Healthy Bones: Cashews are rich in copper, which is an important function of enzymes involved in combining collagen and elastin, providing substance and allowing flexibility in bones and joints.

Cashews are generally consumed as a snack item, so they are sold in different flavors and variety. The most common that is used in-house for the dietary or nutritional purpose is the regular one i.e. plain cashew.

The other popular flavors of Cashews available are:

Salted Cashews – Theses are cashews simply coated with salt. It’s a tasty snack that goes well with hot and cold beverages.

Black Pepper Cashew – This is one of the most popular cashew flavors available. Cashews with Salt and Pepper, simple and tasty.

Masala and Chat Masala Cashew – Theses two flavors are for those who look out for the “Masala” thing in their food. This is a delicacy, chosen cashews with the Indian herbs and spices.

Chocolate Cashew – These are cashews for kids and adults who love the flavor of chocolate. It’s healthy and delicious.

Pudina Cashews – These cashews are flavored in pudina that is mint leaves with salt.

Cashew Biscuits – Cashews suits well as a part of cookies and biscuits. They are sweet and filling.

Cashew Gravy – Crushed or Powdered Cashew is also used in the Indian and Mughal food recipes to make a thick gravy.

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