About Quality Bazaar

Qualitybazaar.in is a leading online shopping portal that brings to your home the delectable emporium from every corner of the country. The very idea behind this initiative – Qualitybazaar.in – is to provide the taste and culture from every part of India to every part of India, right up to your doorstep.

City-hopping’ is the norm now, given the modern job profiles. As we try our best to create a ‘home away from home’, we look for the perfect ingredients that will always keep us connected to our genesis, from our folk heritage to the irreplaceable ‘ghar ka khana’. Each one of us has saved in our memory that special delicacy from our homeland for which our soul craves all the time, a taste that somewhere defines our tradition and our identity. Wouldn’t it be heavenly if we were to savour that again and again, wherever we are and whenever we wish to? This is where Qualitybazaar steps in and keeps you connected to that something which you were missing all this while.

The very original rajma (red kidney beans), panjeeri, kesar (saffron), walnuts and almonds from Jammu, the aromatic basmati from Dehradun, the distinctive sarson ka saag from Punjab, rice from Chennai, maize form Kolkata, pulses, sugarcane, onions and spices from Maharashtra, kaju (cashew) from Goa – you name it and we provide it! All packed in proportionate quantities to make that special meal memory come alive.

At Qualitybazaar, we specialise in delivering A-Grade quality of all our premium products and packages. We bring to you a unique and perfect mix of farm fresh food grains, pulses and exotic spices in a package ready to cook up a scrumptious meal, and re-live the taste from every corner of India. In addition, we also offer an exclusive variety of handicrafts, dry fruits, gem stones, herbs & health, chocolates, sports items, other non-perishable food items and even our regular ‘ration-pani’ at unbelievably affordable prices. A special mention here for the exciting gift vouchers that will enhance your shopping experience at Qualitybazaar. We also provide customised packages depending upon your personal requirements and taste.

Some of our key features include:
– An extensive variety of A-grade recipe packages to choose from
– Exclusive handicrafts, dry fruits, gem stones, herbs, chocolates and sports items from the Indian heartland
– Attractive discounts
– Custom-made deals unique to the buyer
– Exciting Gift Vouchers
– Cash on Delivery options
– Secure online payment options
– Free home delivery
– Convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home
– Retail Outlets

Our popular products on Qualitybazaar.in are speciality food packages from every part of India – Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha (Orissa), Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal – complete with the right amounts of ingredients carefully selected to keep the recipe intact.

We are committed to provide both our customers and local retailers a completely hassle-free and exclusive online shopping experience, only at Qualitybazaar.in

Bookings are currently available via the portal www.qualitybazaar.in and telephone
For BULK ORDERS, please email us on support@qualitybazaar.in

Our Business Module:
Qualitybazaar has tie-ups at all levels of the market hierarchy – farm owners, whole sellers, distributors and stockists – and uses these partnerships for garnering best deals for the end consumer. This business strategystrategy primarily extends the availability of various products and secondarily minimises the margins cut at these levels thereby reducing the overall costs in procuring the products and in turn offering them to the customer at extremely discounted and affordable prices.

Shipping Mode(s):
All intercity orders more than 2 kgs are shipped only via the rail route to avoid any add-on costs, due to fuel and other transportation expenses, which eventually the end customer would have to bear. This approach helps us in delivering the products to the customer at minimal costs. Orders below 2 kgs are shipped by air.

Delivery Timeframe:
Local Orders: Same day or up to 24 hours
Intercity Orders: 4 to 7 days

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